Ambassador BRONZE
Ambassador BRONZE

Ambassador BRONZE

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What you will get every month! 

-  1 Exclusive New Products Every Month! 

Every month we launch new products in all categories. You will be the first one to get these products before they are launched on our store and may even get a chance to have your picture on the product listing.

1. Exclusive Ring 


- Discount code for your followers of 5% 

- Lifetime discount code of 20% off storewide!  This code is exclusive you (this code be used by anyone else.

- 2 Gift Cards worth $30 dollars to give away to your the Instagram following or to use.  

- 10% chance on of your modeled pictures on our main Instagram page.

- Growth Strategies.  Our team of expert marketers will give you tips and tricks to help you grow your Instagram following.

This is a value of over $60

Bronze Ambassadors only pay $30!

Cancel subscription anytime just contact our customer support representative

Happy Ambassadors!